Daniel "Dan" McNinja is the current head of the McNinja Clan and is the father of Dr. McNinja and Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" Ninja, and is married to Mitzi McNinja. His father was John McNinja.

Appearance Edit

Dan is a tall Caucasian man, with grayed hair and dark blue eyes. He boasts a Mustache of Authority. His ninja mask covers his face.

He wears a traditional ninja outfit.

Personality Edit

Dan is shown to be disappointed in Dr. McNinja's choice to become a doctor. Despite that, he still loves him and treats him nicely. When Dr. McNinja didn't express an interest in being a ninja as a child, he exposed him to Batman comics to fuel his interest. He didn't expect him to take a vigilantism view on it.

He is very reliant on his sons' abilities at times, with Dr. McNinja's knowledge about anatomy to beat Frans and Sean's computer knowledge to hack King Radical's robot.

He loves Mitzi deeply, even dying with her inside the Horrorsaurus's stomach in World 3.

History Edit

Daniel McNinja was born to John McNinja of the McNinja clan. Sometime in the past, he moved to America and joined the Guild of American Ninja.

In 1980, the guild leader had died, and he was chosen as a qualifier to take their place. He battled Frans and paralyzed him. A dispute almost broke out due to his methods for winning, but he revealed his Mustache of Authority and gained the rights to be Guild Leader.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Ninja Skills - As a ninja, he wields the skills ninjas naturally have, such as enhanced stealth and agility.
  • Poison Storing - He can store poisons in his eyes then shoot them out.[1]
  • Mustache of Authority - His mustache compels others to follow his leadership.
  • Fire Endurability - He is shown to be capable of withstanding being set on fire.[2]