Doctor Patrick McNinja, usually referred to simply as Dr. McNinja and known under the alias Patrick Goodrich, was the main protagonist of the Adventures of Dr. McNinja. As he is both a ninja and a doctor, he sometimes had a tough time dealing with the contrast between his two professions. However, he was still a good ninja[1] and a pretty smart doctor[2]. After each one of his adventures, he liked to give his wise final thoughts[3]. His parents are Daniel and Mitzi McNinja, and he has a little brother, Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja.


Patrick McNinja was born as the first child of Dan and Mitzi McNinja. When he was a child, his grandfather John McNinja took him out on a gig to eliminate Robert Ortiva, a businessman who owned the Foxy O'Gator's Family Fun Palace. Unknown to either of them, Ortiva was long dead, possessed by a Ghost Wizard. Confronting "Ortiva" in catacombs below the Fun Palace, they destroyed his mortal coil and released the wizard. Though John attempted to placate it and leave peacefully, Patrick angered it, resulting in it attempting to place a curse on him. In order to stop it, his grandfather used powerful magic to seal away the ghost wizard, fueling his casting with his grandson's first name. Though saved, the power needed for John's spell ultimately costed his life, and in his last moments he told his grandson to never tell anyone his name, lest the ghost wizard be freed.

Later on, he used his budding skills as a physician to help his father find Franz Rayner's weak point, an act which resulted in Rayner's public humiliation and caused the man to try and kill as many ninjas as possible in the following years.

During his college years, McNinja was taught by the clone of Benjamin Franklin. Wishing to pursue every field of science, he agreed to participate in Franklin's cloning project. His clones took different courses in every field of science, and one of the iterations dated Hortense during college, though they broke up later. During college, McNinja also joined a group of vigilante heroes along with fellow students Martin Birding, Mary and James. However, Martin's superhero form's intelligence and wisdom is the opposite of his level of strength, and he was tricked into revealing the true identities of his companions. Though McNinja and Martin managed to fight off their attackers (McNinja only actually waking up while in the middle of the fight), Mary's house was taken by a hurricane when she was attacked and James was killed in his sleep. To this day, McNinja believes that Mary is still fine, and for a very long time he hated Martin for what he did.

When the clones finally regrouped to be fused with the original McNinja, he kept all of their knowledge and memories. However, the cloning facility was attacked by an alternative universe Chuck Goodrich, resulting in its destruction. One clones, later becoming known as "Old McNinja" arrived late, and seeing the destruction and chaos left by Goodrich, fled.

McNinja later opened his office in Cumberland, Maryland, where he currently lives along with his sidekick Gordito Delgado, his gorilla receptionist Judy, and Yoshi. His main nemesis was the Birdosaurus, though due to the dinosaur being little more than a minor annoyance he has turned his efforts to taking down King Radical, whose gang assaulted his office after he refused medical care to one of them. Despite immense public support for King Radical, Dr. McNinja remained convinced that he was up to something, and after faking his death he took on the identity of the late Dr. McLuchador to infiltrate the Cumberland Mafia and find out Radical's plan.

Appearance Edit

Dr. McNinja is generally tall, and has developed muscles. His eyebrows are light brown, and his eyes are blue. The rest of his face is concealed by his mask. Dr. McNinja dresses like a typical doctor: white lab coat and shirt, black tie, black shoes, brown belt and a stethoscope. However, he also wears a black ninja mask and occasionally carries weapons such as his ninjato or shurikens.

As a child, he wore the full ninja outfit with a black belt.

Personality Edit

Though he is a ninja, Dr. McNinja is a vigilante and thus only kills with a reason. Furthermore, as he is also a doctor he has an instinct to heal the wounded, resulting in a contrasting personality to the point that they were split apart in Purgatory. As a child, his father introduced him to Batman in order to fuel his interest in being a ninja, but while this did pursue his ninja training it also inadvertently caused him to learn of justice and vigilantism, and so unlike most ninjas he rarely kills without a reason. He idolizes Batman, but his banter and humor is reminiscent of Spiderman or Deadpool.





  • Judy - Office receptionist
  • Gordito Delgado - Ward and protégé
  • Yoshi - Gordito's mount and pet
  • Chuck Goodrich - Mayor of Cumberland, deceased
  • Old McNinja - Clone, former enemy turned ally, deceased