President Maria Funkhouser is the inactive president of the United States of America. She first appeared when King Radical turned Cumberland, Maryland into a giant robot, negotiating with him for a box of Mountain Dew: Code Red while asking Dan McNinja to hack the robot.

She knows Dr. McNinja fairly personally, having first met him at the Friend Brothers' pizza party after King Radical's defeat. She later called upon McNinja to help her with a genetics problem that caused everyone around her to want to kill her, resulting in the deaths of several of her security guards at her own hands. After Vice President Ted Wilchuck's plot to overthrow her was discovered with McNinja's help, she exiled him to space and named Chuck Goodrich her new Vice President. However, her new Vice President was in fact King Radical in disguise, who after she was forced into the White House Negazone with Gordito Delgado's uncle Pedro, took her place as President of the United States.

President Funkhouser remained in the White House Negazone for a time after the destruction of the U.S. Congress, the role of President having passed on to King Radical and later Franz Rayner in her absence. She and Pedro were later freed by McNinja, who evaded death by stealing a uniform and making a run for the Negazone spirit.

President of the United States of America




Maria Funkhouser


King Radical