Sparkle Lord (formerly Sparkle Dancer and Sir Hellacious of Hearts) An anthropomorphic unicorn from the Radical Lands. In the timeline/universe of Dr. McNinja, he takes the form of a white motorcycle with rainbow trim, as he his true form is too magnificent to exist outside of his home dimension. He has been described by King Radical as "Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, atomic bombs, and Seabiscuit all in one."

Back StoryEdit

As he tells it, Sparkle Dancer was once an 'ordinary' unicorn who lived in a forest in the Radical Land. This changed when the Kingdom invaded his home, burned down the forest to "build a roller coaster or something" and twisted his shape to conform to what they considered 'cool'. An unknown amount of time later he was knighted "Sir Hellacious of Hearts", making him one of the four Radical Knights alongside Sir SickNasty of Spades, Sir Cowabunga of Clubs and Dame Dudical of Diamonds.

After the death of the previous King Radical, the four knights gathered in a ceremony to name the new King, by tradition chosen by the Radical Land itself. Sparkle Dancer clearly expected to become the new king and was outraged when the land chose Sir Sicknasty instead. Refusing to bow before the new king, he coldly announced that would kill Sir Sicknasty just as he had murdered the previous King Radical.

Sir SickNasty (now King Radical) immediately attacked Sparklelord with such violence and strength that both were sent hurtling through the wall of the tower where the ceremony had taken place. While grappling with the king in mid-air, Sparkle Dancer admitted to tapping the energy of the Radical Land, draining them of energy while becoming stronger himself. This new-found power became evident as he quickly overpowered King Radical and swatted Ron Wizard aside without any apparent effort. Still plummeting to the distant ground, he renounced his old name and proclaimed himself Sparklelord, and gloated that King Radical would be killed by the landing that he himself would walk away from. Fortunately for the new King, he was then caught by a helicopter-head ent (apparently under the direction of Dame Dudical), leaving Sparklelord to crash into the ground alone. True to his word, he survived unharmed and immediately declared war on the Radical Lands.

The war itself seems to have been fought between the Radical folk and various magical creatures native to Sparklelord's forest, led by the mad unicorn himself. After many devastating battles, King Radical and Ron Wizard managed to trap Sparklelord and banish him into a time portal. Although this ended the war, the damage done to the Radical Land continued to spread, leaving its inhabitants to face a world increasingly devoid of radical energy.

Doc Gets RadEdit

Chasing King Radical to Cumberland, his form reduced to a motorcycle, he began to possess his riders in the hopes that they would kill his hated enemy for him.

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