Negazone Spirit

An everliving spirit of a forgotten age that's been trapped by ancient magic to be the White House's security system. Typically appears as a white-robed human figure with the head of a bald eagle - like most things in the Negazone, however, it appears to have no fixed form. In one particular instance, a loss of self-control causes the spirit to deform into an impossible assemblage of bird parts, with a gigantic bloodshot eye emerging from the middle of a monstrous hooked beak.

The spirit inhabits and/or actually is the White House Negazone, an alternate dark universe version of the White House. When the White House's energy shields are activated, as an additional security measure all of the fire alarms are converted into Negazone activators. Once triggered, these activators trap intruders in a mysterious plane of reality where they are confronted by their worst fears, in the form of shifting, dreamlike, and alternately horrific and cartoonish imagery. Most intruders quickly succumb to the darkness and, losing all sense of self, are transformed into harmless, mostly-inanimate objects. A talking sofa, for example. Only the most strong-willed have any hope of escape - as far as is known, only two individuals have ever managed this feat, Dr. McNinja being one of them.

Not much is known about the spirit himself. While it clearly does not serve its post willingly, and has openly vowed vengeance upon our world should it ever escape his spectral prison, it carries out its assigned duty diligently, with an eye to fulfilling both the letter and spirit[1] of its obligations.

  1. no pun intended